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  Re: Next Generation SDL Brainstorming  
From: Mueen Nawaz
Date: 26 Mar 2009 15:20:48
Message: <49cbd590$1@news.povray.org>
Chris B wrote:
> Backwards Compatibility
> There's a lot of time been invested in tutorials, interfaces, macros and
> objects.
> Much of the written information out on the Internet (including the years
> of newsgroup postings) doesn't specify which version it relates to, so
> if this material is rendered largely redundant it's probably going to be
> wise to totally change the product name. Otherwise there's a risk of
> years of confusion that may create difficult barriers to new users.

	I doubt a product name change is necessary. However, it should be made
clear all over the place (docs, Web site, etc) that the latest Pov will
break compatibility with anything before v4.

	I personally don't think there's a great need to maintain backward
compatibility as far as syntax/code goes. I think the hope is that the
new SDL will provide "nicer"/"better" ways to do stuff than the old SDL
- and so we wouldn't want people being hampered by tutorials from the
past - but force them to learn the new way of thinking.

	One possibility is to try to find lots of good tutorials, put them onto
the Wiki (if permission can be acquired), and before POV4 is released,
update the tutorials to show how to get each effect using POV4.

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