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  Re: GPU usage  
From: Saul Luizaga
Date: 3 Mar 2009 02:29:04
Message: <49acdc40$1@news.povray.org>
For what I have read about it, GPUs are great for geometry and some 
other graphic related calculations, because they have more sophisticated 
  hardwired, say trigonometric, functions that the FPU simply doesn't 
have, this leads me to ask the experienced programmers here if how huge 
would be to make a rough "previewer", real-time if possibile, for 
POV-Ray? Correct me if I'm wrong but at some point that effort has to be 
easy because the GPU have this scene elements analog to POV-Ray's 
(lightning, primitives, colors, phong, diffuse, etc.), why is so hard to 
use resemblance in features to POV-Ray's favor? I know... is only 32-bit 
precision, is not 100% compatible, POV-Rays is Hyper-complex and 
wealthy-rich in features but, somehow can't the to GPU along with the 
FPU & CPU can't get to cut a deal that can give u an estimate of what 
you'll receive if the scene is rendered?

  I really whish I could answer this myself...maybe a como of GPU 
features can give some of the most complex POV-Ray's features? maybe a 
rough rough preview, something that can "guess"(fast calculations with 
GPU+FPU+CPU) to get just an estimation of the final colors and effects 
on the objects, and mainly this could be used to preview the modeled 
geometry of solids and surfaces and the lighting on the scene, rather 
than actually have a correct colored accurate scene, don't you think?

Another suggestion, what about this:
a small floating window (maybe 512*384 or 384*288) with the title "rough 
preview" that makes the GPU+FPU+CPU preview of the scene as ral-time as 
possible "while you type" or when you have finished a valid line, this 
could be configurable, but I think would be great as a default.

This ideas is so incompatible with reality? I hope not, you tell me :)


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