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  Re: New feature  
From: scott
Date: 2 Feb 2009 03:21:07
Message: <4986acf3$1@news.povray.org>
> Maybe it's time for a project aimed at getting different file formats 
> converted
> to POV SDL without reducing POV to a mere mesh renderer (after all, it 
> *can* do
> spline-based prisms, it *can* do bezier patches, it *can* do... well, 
> quite a
> lot.

I would love a converter from STEP files to POV SDL.  STEP files are a 
standard format for interchange of 3D CAD data, and are made up of bounded 
planes, spheres, torii and bezier patches etc.  I don't know of any software 
that can render these files without tesselating to a triangle mesh first.

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