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  Re: comma at end of last element in list  
From: Warp
Date: 15 Oct 2008 15:30:04
Message: <48f644bb@news.povray.org>
Trevor G Quayle <Tin### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
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> Dan Connelly <djc### [at] yahoocom> wrote:
> > What I'd like to see is an allowed comma at the end of the last element in a list.
 This would facilitate the populat
> ing of lists from within a loop.  There's now the need (AFAICT) a silly check for
the last element to omit the comma.
> >
> > Dan

> Usually I workaround by adding the comma before the number, that way there is no
> comma at the end of the list.  This works usually because most items that I have
> created that use lists (meshes, splines, polygons) have a float preceding the
> list, usually the number of items conatined in the list.

  Also you could skip using commas completely. Just put your elements in
parentheses (to avoid ambiguity in situations like "2 -1") and you don't
need commas at all.

                                                          - Warp

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