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  Re: The ghost of a box  
From: Samuel B 
Date: 19 Aug 2023 19:15:00
Message: <web.64e14cf1a9f3bc0af8c47d526e741498@news.povray.org>
"jr" <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> hi,
> "Samuel B." <stb### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> > ...
> > > balkanising the peoples, ...
> > > (since the Euro symbol creates havoc :-))
> >
> > I agree that we need to be ever mindful that we all share a single globe -- one
> > island in the midst of what may as well be a lifeless space -- and that further
> > fragmentation is not helpful towards keeping ourselves alive and our foundation
> > intact.
> yes.  in addition, I think, "we need to be ever mindful" of the fact that each
> and everyone of us is .. an accident of birth.  no one _chose_ which part of the
> planet, or into which family, they got born (cf "The Doors" memorable lyric
> "into this world we're thrown").

Very true, and that fact should probably make everyone humble...

> > But a degree of fragmentation seems unavoidable, perhaps even necessary.
> necessary ?  interesting, how so ?

Actually, that was the wrong word for me to use, as 'fragmentation' implies
division and border clashes.

The word 'diversification' is closer to what I was getting at. Life seems driven
towards diversity, both in genes and ideas. Maybe it's not its actual purpose
(is there one?), but it's certainly a result. One could argue we humans are
doing our best when exploring all sorts of different ideas, while being careful
not to perpetuate harmful ones. (Maybe I think this way because I prefer reality
to be interesting, and not like that dark planet from A Wrinkle in Time.)

> > People
> > argue about stupid things, and we need a certain amount of space from each
> > other.
> personally, nothing wrong with a good argument.  provided one uses intellect and
> facts, rather than belief and or Heckler&Koch, to win.

No, you're wrong and I'm going to do some defense spending to prove my point! :P

But yeah, I like a good debate, provided all parties are arguing in good faith.
Arguments that devolve into insults and threats are pretty pointless and
generally mentally toxic for everyone.

> re space, there's plenty of it :-)

We should colonize it, truly. But we should be extra careful not to contaminate
possible ecosystems. (Ever read the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson?) There
is so much we could do to remove stress from the planet by going outward. So
much water, so many metals, and a number of power sources are available to us
out there. (I think India might be making a moon landing here pretty soon...)

> also, I find it not difficult to "have space", privacy, in spite of literally
> living "on the high street" in a good sized city.

That's good. Personally, I have at times found it hard to feel alone and
comfortable, even though I live in a rural area. (My personal bubble feels
really huge sometimes.) The feeling has only gotten worse over the years,
especially since Airbnb became a thing. People coming in droves, sometimes
playing loud music at night. It's not always bad but I often feel penned-in,
since I am not a very outgoing person.

> > Also, I think a fully-unified planet would be a ripe breeding ground for
> > the most totalitarian government the world has even seen...
> as opposed to the "facist's wet-dream" we "enjoy" now ?  Coolio's "insight"
> comes to mind.  :-)  perhaps, if every person was a citizen of the "one globe",
> we could hold our (one) government to account when lives and human potential get
> wasted in grotesque numbers for no particular reason, eg
> <https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-66540039>, "chalking up" another
> "fail".

I agree with you, and it's very messed up. These are actual people.

I was just pointing out a couple possible issues that need addressed, since a
one-world government could either be a very good thing or a very bad thing.

Yeah, it's obvious our current methods are not working. We're headed for a
literal dead end; our present course results in a sterile planet. Plastics
everywhere are causing fertility and reproductive issues, greenhouse gases are
wobbling the spinning plate we call the climate, industrialism is poisoning
everything, ships are driving cetaceans mad enough to beach themselves, etc. As
I said elsewhere, I try not to get too worked up over it anymore, but I can't
help but be disturbed about it all. I may not be able to vote anymore, but at
least I can speak :/

> > I will look [Thievery Corporation] up!
> they do look good live too I thought, though "my evidence" is a single (Boston
> ?) concert on YT.

I listened to one of their songs yesterday, and the vocalist seemed very
familiar. They had a 1996 album, so I'll give that a listen, since that's the
time period in which I heard her last.

> > It's psychedelic rock. ...
> do you like Goat ?  (they have that "Scandinavian je ne sais quoi" :-))

Haven't heard of them, but will search and bookmark ;)


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