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  Re: The ghost of a box  
From: jr
Date: 19 Aug 2023 05:20:00
Message: <web.64e088a5a9f3bc0a80c03e9d6cde94f1@news.povray.org>

"Samuel B." <stb### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> ...
> > balkanising the peoples, ...
> > (since the Euro symbol creates havoc :-))
> I agree that we need to be ever mindful that we all share a single globe -- one
> island in the midst of what may as well be a lifeless space -- and that further
> fragmentation is not helpful towards keeping ourselves alive and our foundation
> intact.

yes.  in addition, I think, "we need to be ever mindful" of the fact that each
and everyone of us is .. an accident of birth.  no one _chose_ which part of the
planet, or into which family, they got born (cf "The Doors" memorable lyric
"into this world we're thrown").

> But a degree of fragmentation seems unavoidable, perhaps even necessary.

necessary ?  interesting, how so ?

> People
> argue about stupid things, and we need a certain amount of space from each
> other.

personally, nothing wrong with a good argument.  provided one uses intellect and
facts, rather than belief and or Heckler&Koch, to win.  re space, there's plenty
of it :-)  also, I find it not difficult to "have space", privacy, in spite of
literally living "on the high street" in a good sized city.

> Also, I think a fully-unified planet would be a ripe breeding ground for
> the most totalitarian government the world has even seen...

as opposed to the "facist's wet-dream" we "enjoy" now ?  Coolio's "insight"
comes to mind.  :-)  perhaps, if every person was a citizen of the "one globe",
we could hold our (one) government to account when lives and human potential get
wasted in grotesque numbers for no particular reason, eg
<https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-66540039>, "chalking up" another

> I will look [Thievery Corporation] up!

they do look good live too I thought, though "my evidence" is a single (Boston
?) concert on YT.

> It's psychedelic rock. ...

do you like Goat ?  (they have that "Scandinavian je ne sais quoi" :-))

> Another interesting musician is one named Gorkem Sen.

thanks, another for the "to do" list :-).

regards, jr.

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