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  Tracfone troubles  
From: Leroy
Date: 8 Jan 2022 17:20:00
Message: <web.61da0d0d7a1bb0dbf78b86f1f712fc00@news.povray.org>
First off I needed to post here where I know REAL people will read it.
I've been dealing with Robots way to much.

 The deal is I have my tracfone for over a year and it worked good.  A little
before Christmas the 13 I got my phone part shut off. They said I used all my
minutes. So I bought a 120 minutes 90 day card at Walmart for 30$. Then 16 days
and 5 calls later I got shut off again. My phone has the time of each call I
made or recieved and they add up to 21 minutes and all my calls where local.
 I just spent an half hour with their customer support. It was slow and snippy
so I thought I was dealing with a human. But I keep getting 'We show your out of
minutes' I knew I was dealing with a bot when I typed 'Are you a robot?' and got
back 'No. It isn't.'
 Then I went a little crazy and had some fun. I type 'Yes you are!'. I don't
remember what I got back because I started typing junk that would Make any
 human say 'STOP IT!'
I got frustrated  with a robot before and just keep typing 'WHY?'. I stopped
when I realize a bot could outlast me. I could still be tying today.

Ah.... I feel better now. Still have to deal with the phone though. Leave it for
another day.

Have Fun!

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