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  Re: I'm not sleeping...  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 19 Nov 2021 13:40:00
Message: <web.6197ef625f89fb5c1f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"Kenneth" <kdw### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> "Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:
> > No, not the Counting Crows song.
> >
> > Primary laptop has spazzed out ...
> Bummer. I hope you can fix it. That kind of thing is maddening.
> My previous Windows 7 machine has been sitting un-used (and un-usable) on my
> desk for months, due to *some* kind of software problem, waiting for me to take
> it in for a deep diagnostic.

I'm going to try "SuperGrub2" as a repair usb stick.  Maybe see if that's in any
way applicable, or if there's another Windows rescue ISO or other tool.  Can you
boot from a USB or CD/DVD?  Do you have a Win7 repair disk?

I have a few things to do before I dive any deeper into this electronic
shitshow, but I'm sure I will work it out, and then I can move on.
jr is like my Linux and spiritual mentor...  :D

> If automobile manufacturers built cars to the same 'expected lifespans' of
> current computers and OS systems, there would be class-action lawsuits flying in
> all directions. I personally think that OS's have outstripped the ability of
> mere humans to fully understand and diagnose hidden problems.
> I certainly have a 'love-hate' relationship with computers. :-[

Yes.  I've been running into a lot of problems with current manufacture stuff
lately.  Cracked a cell phone and killed the backlight, tried to make a clone
with a donor phone.  Got a brand new LG phone, and one day - it just stopped
working.  Completely.  Hardly any use at all.

It's an example of a phenomenon that I call "for display purposes only".  It's a
thing that LOOKS like what you want - it's made out of generally the same stuff
as what you want, and is in the shape of what you want, but it's manufacture so
cheaply, and with such low quality of materials and workmanship, that it's worse
than useless.   It's just for display on the shelf or the peg - to get you to
spend your money, and then ...  tough crap, buddy.

Apparently other people are well aware of this as well.
From:   https://paulsellers.com/2015/05/saw-files-lasting-qualities/

that look like tools, but do not in fact function as tools. As a novice, I was
almost entirely dissuaded from hand tools because I believed that those things
on the shelf that look like a plane or a saw were, in fact, decent functioning
tools, and not hunks of metal merely shaped to look like a tool and cause
frustration to anyone who picks it up and actually tries to use it!

I have found that my best functioning tools are the ones that I make myself, and
the ones that I find at flea markets or on ebay and restore. Your videos really
encouraged me to do just these things, and I wanted to thank you for sharing
your knowledge and pointing me in the right direction! My relationship with my
tools has gone from one of frustration to one of joy and confidence, and has
really changed my experience of woodworking. I feel bad for all of the young
people like myself who have were turned off from hand tools because they bought
something at a big box store, and that shaped their impression of a saw, plane,
or chisel."

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