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  Re: I'm not sleeping...  
From: Kenneth
Date: 19 Nov 2021 00:15:00
Message: <web.6197324e5f89fb5c4cef624e6e066e29@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:
> No, not the Counting Crows song.
> Primary laptop has spazzed out ...

Bummer. I hope you can fix it. That kind of thing is maddening.

My previous Windows 7 machine has been sitting un-used (and un-usable) on my
desk for months, due to *some* kind of software problem, waiting for me to take
it in for a deep diagnostic. I *hope* it's fixable. Software? Power supply? I
really don't know. This situation 'forced' me to buy a new Win 10 machine, a
super-fast Lenovo desktop with my first SSHD, so I'm not complaining-- but I
always have the nagging feeling that *this* machine will develop some kind of
problem in the future too, no matter *what* I do right or wrong. They always do.

If automobile manufacturers built cars to the same 'expected lifespans' of
current computers and OS systems, there would be class-action lawsuits flying in
all directions. I personally think that OS's have outstripped the ability of
mere humans to fully understand and diagnose hidden problems.

I certainly have a 'love-hate' relationship with computers. :-[

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