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  Re: Happy (?) 4th anniversary  
From: Samuel B 
Date: 8 Sep 2021 17:35:00
Message: <web.61392c2ae6d8c1bdcb705ca46e741498@news.povray.org>
"Cousin Ricky" <rickysttATyahooDOTcom> wrote:
> Four years ago today, Hurricane Irma slammed into the Virgin Islands, knocking
> out electricity for several months. Today, the power utility is celebrating the
> occasion with multiple blackouts. Four blackouts so far today. And it's still
> morning.

I think I remember that... Puerto Rico was out of power for a long time. And one
of our (perhaps more embarrassing) presidents threw a roll of paper towels at a
reporter, or somebody.

Even in California I can't recall ever having lost power for months at a time.
At most we've only been out for over a week due to the snow knocking down power
lines. (It's not all sunshine and beaches in the Golden State... I live at a
high elevation where, when it snows, it tends to know a /lot/. And we usually
have to shovel it out by hand :S)

Hopefully you won't be stuck without power for too long. Do you have a
generator? Solar recharging units for any mobile devices, etc.?


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