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  Re: Urgent help needed! Imperative!  
From: Mr
Date: 28 Jun 2020 05:45:01
Message: <web.5ef8658198d4855c6adeaecb0@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:
> "Mr" <mauriceraybaud [at] hotmail dot fr>> wrote:
> > I am sorry if I misunderstood you because of fast reading non native language...
> Maurice, my man - this was just a bit of hyperbole - wild exaggeration of the
> seriousness of the "problem" and the importance of finding a "solution".

Sorry , But I'm with your son on this, I am french, and bread is no joking mater
!  :-P

> a thing (non-existant, as far as I know) as "loaf softener".

On the contrary, most industrial bakeries add chemicals to accelerate the
raising of dough

The secret to a well aerated inner center with big holes (allowing for a really
crunchy crust that your son is not ready to value yet :-) ) Is simply to give it
time to raise and not add these chemicals, even an industrial paste bought and
left 24 /48 hours in the fridge until it fully occupies its packaging before
cooking tastes soo much better!
This time / profitability issue is so badly ingrained in collective mind these
days that even many traditional bakeries here provide by default such
"accelerated" breads, unless you are aware of the issue and explicitly ask for

is just 20 cents more expensive but well worth it.

> Monty Python would surely try it out on a stale baguette and find it
> ineffective. :D

They would definitely try to debake an overly baked bread :-)
and would as well sell it raw if you asked "une baguette, pas trop cuite" !

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