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  I'm Back!?  
From: Leroy
Date: 15 May 2020 22:50:01
Message: <web.5ebf4b8a52cc96e8f2c160260@news.povray.org>
It been awhile, I lost the internet a few month ago.
Really my Wi-Wi connection to my computer died.
Trying to get a new one was an adventure in itself.

Now to all the things (most of the things) I had questions about.

Has any one use the windows Pov Editor to make audio Data samples for Audacity?
I have and it was fun!

I also wanted to know if there are any people who use my height field programs
from my web site.(http://leroyw.byethost15.com/)

I've use them and POV to make a road on Mars. Then I animated a road trip.

While doing so I came upon a thing about natural splines. In order to make a
complete oval path I had to use 8 values from the end of the spline in front of
the basic spline & 8 values from the start of the spline at the end.
I wonder if any one has come across this before?

A word about animation: I did something that save my a lot of time rendering.
I render the Road animation, it took 6 hours and it was just you flying around
the track. Then I rendered a Car only with Apha on.(it took 45 min. to render.)
Then I combine the two using images maps on in front of the other and render the
final animation. (render tine 35 min.)

I was wondering how many people use this technique?
And what other other techniques you find useful?

It's nice to be back.
I know I forgot some other question that where important at one time or another

Thanks for any replies!
Have Fun!

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