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  Re: rgb stuff that will hurt your brain  
From: ingo
Date: 27 Jun 2021 05:10:30
Message: <XnsAD5671AD44FC8seed7@news.povray.org>
in news:60d7912d@news.povray.org Cousin Ricky wrote:

> out-of-gamut

Never looked at it, do these modern screens (oled) have a better gammut?

I worked in decorative printing (roto gravure) for years and ran the 
colourlab amongst other things. Gamut is fun. We almost never used CMYK. 
Most printing was done using op to 6 spot colours with lasure inks. Inks 
where made from 8 base colours, cold and warm red, blue, yellow and a pure 
green and black. White was a no no. Then there was a load of special 
pigments. (a nice one was 24 karat gold dust for wallpaper in Russian 


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