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From: Chris Cason
Date: 17 Aug 2022 06:03:14
Message: <62fcbce2$1@news.povray.org>
On 17/08/2022 06:27, Bald Eagle wrote:
> because having used the Internet since its inception (using Lynx and Netscape's
Mosaic), I remember

As have I. I set up povray.org in 1994, after all, and Lynx/Mosaic were 
my first browsers ...

> 2.  Whatever's going on NOW is ... trendy.  And who cares.   This is our little
> corner of the internet, and it's *** POV-Ray ***.   Do we EVER do anything the
> way everyone else does it?
> 3.   "Be yourself.  Be different.  Celebrate diversity.  Carve out your own
> niche.  Do it your own unique way.  You do you."

We're talking about a color scheme that has not changed in literally 20 
years. Clearly if I was worried about keeping up with what everyone else 
was doing I would have done so sometime in the last two decades ...

Given the colors have been as they are for so long it should hardly be 
surprising to anyone that I would look around the web to see what others 
are doing so I can understand what is "wrong" about our styles, in the 
belief that perhaps things have changed and what people are expecting 
from povray.org *no longer matches* expectations that people have 
learned from other sites.

I think this is not an unreasonable belief to have had since what else 
am I supposed to think? That it's been OK for 20 years but now it's not 
OK for some reason totally *unrelated* to anything that's happened 
elsewhere in the intarwebs?

So when I go looking around the web for examples that show why I'm doing 
it *wrong* I just end up confused. As I pointed out even the W3C 
(standard-setters of the web) use similarly close shades between visited 
& unvisited.

I'm not just going to yoink some random colour into the stylesheet 
unless I know it's going to work for everyone AND be consistent with the 
overall theme for the site, because if there's one thing I've learned 
from working on this project for the last quarter-century is that I can 
never make everyone happy and changing something to suit one group of 
people will inevitably make another group unhappy.

If someone wants to provide a mock-up of a page with modified colors 
that fits into the existing theme but also makes the difference more 
obvious then please feel free and I'll look at it. I'm open to changing 
it. But y'all need to give me a bit of help here if you want it to happen.

-- Chris

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