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  Re: What the he?? is going on with Russia?  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 28 Mar 2022 02:42:06
Message: <624158be$1@news.povray.org>
Op 24/03/2022 om 23:08 schreef Leroy:
> "Leroy" <whe### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> When this all started a few weeks ago. When The US said we know what your doing
>> pretending that your protecting Russian people that are trapped in a hostel
>> country.  I thought they agree on something!?
>>   When Russia went ahead and attacked, My first thought was 'does the west have
>> the will to stand against this?' Well Do WE?
> I started this tread because I didn't see any thing about it here.
> I was surprised!
>   I thought more people would have an opinion on the matter. Maybe most people
> were shocked and couldn't get their head around what was gong on.
>   After a couple of weeks, this is how I see things.
> Putin has to be stopped.
>            Not Russia, Russia is a tool the Putin uses to get what He wants.
> Everyone is a afraid of world world III. I'm afraid that it has already started
>     and Putin started it. Not the nuclear yet. Putin statement That he would NOT
> use nuclear weapons unless Russia very survival was threaten. Can do it.
>   If enough economic pressure is put on him. He'll have his excuse.
> It look like the old MAD(mutual assured destruction) doesn't work with a mad
> man.
No. Not mad. Reasons are geopolitical going back a very long way, at 
least to 1991 (demise of the Soviet empire) but certainly to WW2, the 
start of the Cold War, if not earlier (the end of WW1 and the demise of 
the large European empires).

Ponder on this for instance:

Excerpt from George F. Kennan, “A Fateful Error,” New York Times, 05 Feb 

“Why, with all the hopeful possibilities engendered by the end of the 
Cold War, should East-West relations become centered on the question of 
who would be allied with whom and, by implication, against whom in some 
fanciful, totally unforeseeable and most improbable future military 

“[B]luntly stated…expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of 
American policy in the entire post-Cold War era. Such a decision may be 
expected to inflame the nationalistic, anti-Western and militaristic 
tendencies in Russian opinion; to have an adverse effect on the 
development of Russian democracy; to restore the atmosphere of the cold 
war to East-West relations, and to impel Russian foreign policy in 
directions decidedly not to our liking … ”


we too, the West, are co-responsible for what is happening now in Ukraine.


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