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  Re: two years of SARS-Cov-2  
From: Francois Labreque
Date: 7 Feb 2022 20:13:18
Message: <6201c3ae$1@news.povray.org>

> Aside from the protective effect of the vaccines, there is probably sheer luck
> involved, plus genetics; my Dad lived to be 96, and rarely got sick from
> anything, which is amazing. Our piano player has some immune-system problems,
> which certainly does not help him ward off diseases. As for me, I am not around
> very many people at all (except when our band plays)-- certainly far less people
> that the other band members.

They are starting to wonder why some people who are otherwise swimming 
in the virus do not catch the disease.  Either they lack one of the 
necessary enzymes/proteins/midichlorians required for the virus to 
replicate itself, or they have a super immune system that is no match 
for the virus, so genetics do indeed play a part.

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