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  Re: I'm not sleeping...  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 20 Nov 2021 02:37:03
Message: <6198a59f@news.povray.org>
Op 19/11/2021 om 19:39 schreef Bald Eagle:
> Yes.  I've been running into a lot of problems with current manufacture stuff
> lately.  Cracked a cell phone and killed the backlight, tried to make a clone
> with a donor phone.  Got a brand new LG phone, and one day - it just stopped
> working.  Completely.  Hardly any use at all.
> It's an example of a phenomenon that I call "for display purposes only".  It's a
> thing that LOOKS like what you want - it's made out of generally the same stuff
> as what you want, and is in the shape of what you want, but it's manufacture so
> cheaply, and with such low quality of materials and workmanship, that it's worse
> than useless.   It's just for display on the shelf or the peg - to get you to
> spend your money, and then ...  tough crap, buddy.

That's the modern world it appears. Just to mention a few, 'Programmed 
Obsolescence" being one of those trends, together with the almost 
monopolistic dumping on the world market of Chinese products which have, 
overall, less than average quality, even when sold under 
'prestigious'(?) brand names. People want to buy 'cheap' and this is the 
result. No wonder the world is going to crap. :-/  [end rant]

Sorry to read about your problems. I have no solution to offer, I am 
afraid, but from time to time I stumble also into similar nonsensical 
market shit.


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