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27 Sep 2021 09:43:53 EDT (-0400)
  Re: GitHub discourages organization  
From: Jim Henderson
Date: 9 Sep 2021 21:58:03
Message: <613abbab$1@news.povray.org>
On Wed, 08 Sep 2021 23:38:16 -0400, Cousin Ricky wrote:

> clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
>> My favorite tool of choice is Atlassian Sourcetree (from the folks
>> behind BitBucket, an alternative to GitHub), which does seem to support
>> both submodules and subtrees (you can add a new submodule or subtree
>> from the GUI).
> Do they have a version for GNU/Linux?  I can't find one on their
> website.

Sadly, they do not.

"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and 
besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw

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