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  Re: I don't remember  
From: Ash Holsenback
Date: 26 Oct 2020 05:18:01
Message: <5f969449$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/20/20 8:59 PM, Cousin Ricky wrote:
> I just discovered some old scene files on my hard disk that looked 
> unfamiliar to me.  I looked at the rendered images, and it was 
> immediately obvious that they were working models of a shape I intended 
> to incorporate into a larger project.  But I still couldn't recall 
> creating those particular scenes.
> My next step was to look at the file dates, and it all became clear. 
> They were from early 2011, shortly after ECT treatments.  No wonder I 
> don't remember them!  It's freaky, though, how I could have been lucid 
> enough to create heavily math-intensive POV-Ray scenes (they involved 
> converting isosurfaces into polynomials), and have no memory of them later.

well they say memory is the 2nd thing to go... maybe you could use a nap ;-)

btw... the other day i slept right through my nap

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