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  Broken bucko  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 13 Jul 2020 02:50:49
Message: <5f0c0449$1@news.povray.org>
There's something wrong with me. From neck to groin I'm fine but I'm 
sore and weak everywhere else (arms, hands, legs, feet) and my brain is 
broken.  I can't concentrate on anything except re-reading trash novels 
on the Kindle.  Even reading the news I lose interest in the middle of 
an article and wander off.  Finishing my movie is really important to me 
and I sit and stare at it for a minute and then wander off having 
accomplished 0.

I did a nice 5 mile hike in February and by March it started with my 
left knee and me wondering how long I could hold out before knee 
replacement surgery.  Then that knee got a lot better as other parts 
started whacking out.  For a while my hands were gnarled in a semi-fist 
and I took up my guitar again (yea!) and used that as a therapy. A week 
later my hands decided "no more fists for you! Now we like to be 
straight". Thanks hands.
Sometimes I hurt so much that I've, half jokingly, modified one of my 
personal truths to "They say getting old beats the alternative, but are 
we *really sure* about that?"
It's not corona.  But I'm not dying and it's not corona so doctors 
aren't interested. I had zoom calls and we tried 7 weeks of Doxycycline 
for Lyme, but that wasn't it.
July I finally got routine blood work and my doctor said, "you take 
these results home and hang them on the fridge. I have never seen such 
good numbers in a 61 year old. Your good cholesterol is a little low 
from lack of exercise but that's picking nits. Even your blood pressure 
is good (120/70) which is very rare for someone your age. You be sure to 
thank your parents for great genetics."
So I'm basically really healthy, I just feel like shit. Now we start the 
"throw darts" section where there are 20 random blood tests being done 
in hopes of hitting something. Of course, there is a 3 week wait for the 
blood draw.

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