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  Re: Through the Eyes of a Child - Christmas 2019 release  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 29 Dec 2019 21:29:28
Message: <5e096108$1@news.povray.org>
Am 12/13/19 1:49 PM, also sprach Bald Eagle:

> If people weren't perpetually in need of making MORE money to pay de facto rent
> and tribute to the real criminals on the planet, we could invest in making good
> quality durable goods instead of cheap disposable plastic crap that's part of
> the planned obsolescence program.  No one makes anything GOOD anymore, because
> where's the profit?   Why doe I constantly have to make more profit?   To pay my
> damned taxes - because those NEVER end.

"Only the little people pay taxes"  -- Leona Helmsley

I think greed plays a much bigger role.  There is a breakaway point 
around $300K/yr where your taxes start to become a smaller and smaller 
part of your income. (Especially after Reagan/Bush/Trump's tax breaks 
for the rich).

But enough is never enough.  Take Jeff Bezos, richest man on the planet, 
and that actually gives him *more* license to treat his employees like 
shit.  He could double his employees' salaries, make 40,000 people real 
happy, and never notice it.  But, all those pennies are *his* and he 
wants them.  We've all read the stories about how Amazon employees don't 
even have time to pee.

Fairfield County CT has the highest per capita income in the country. 
Being just outside NYC it also has high population density and very high 
real estate prices[1].  Bridgeport Hydraulic was the quasi-public water 
company serving it.  In the 80s, they decided they had "excess capacity" 
and sold off several 1000 acre reservoirs for serious coin.  So here we 
are 35 years later, and those people are on water restrictions.  But 
man, those were some large stockholder dividend checks.

How was that even legal?

[1] In 1982, a house in Norwalk came on the market in my price range at 
8:00. At 10:00 I put an offer on it without even seeing it.  I was 5th, 
did not get the house.

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