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From: Cousin Ricky
Subject: Spectral BeamTest
Date: 2 Nov 2014 16:45:01
Message: <web.5456a582ad785510192ae5f10@news.povray.org>
BeamTest is a test bed for examining the behavior of light in POV-Ray.  In
version 1.2 there is a new demo file, plus several minor updates:

 - A demo scene is added that uses Ive's SpectralRender package.
   SpectralRender and its prerequisite are not in the Object Collection,
   but download links are provided in the documentation.

 - A parameter is introduced to color the environmental lighting.  This
   was done to accommodate SpectralRender, as a flat emission spectrum
   does not appear white to humans.

 - The orthographic camera is introduced, and made the default.

 - A parameter is introduced to control the image height.  BeamTest
   normally does this automatically, but it ASSumes that the pixels are
   square.  The POV-Ray docs warn that this is not always the case,
   although I personally have not seen such machines since the 1980s.
   Still, it was trivial to add.


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