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From: Cousin Ricky
Subject: DeskLamp: a flex-neck desk lamp
Date: 6 Sep 2022 19:34:33
Message: <6317d909$1@news.povray.org>
Back in 2005, I thought my 3rd generation prefab render rig needed some
sort of physical light fixture for its indoor setting, so I modeled a
flex-neck desk lamp for that purpose.  This lamp has photobombed a
couple of my pbi posts, and I posted an image of one in Bernard's "The
Spider" thread ("Another CSG scene" from April 2013).  However, this
model had several features that made it unsuitable for general use.

I have rewritten the lamp code for a more general audience, and prepared
it for the Object Collection when it comes back online.  It is currently
hosted on GitHub:


The module's lumens calibration can be synchronized with Lightsys IV.

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