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From: Cousin Ricky
Subject: AndroidRobot 5.0: the 2019 branding update
Date: 19 Sep 2020 18:37:41
Message: <5f668835@news.povray.org>
The new Android[TM] logo is just a disembodied head, so a new macro has 
been created to do just that.  The obvious name for such a macro would 
be AndroidRobot_Head(), but The Google didn't tell me they were going to 
pull this stunt 5 years ago, so I had already used that name for 
something else.  So it goes.

The official Android green has been updated, and since the head has 
changed noticeably from past logos, the overall proportions of the robot 
have been adjusted to fit.  All past designs and official colors are 
still available with this update; see the User Manual for details.  (The 
unofficial color from AndroidRobot 1.0 has not been retained; if, for 
some reason, you feel nostalgic about it, it was srgbft MediumSpringGreen.)


The changes to this module over the years have required repeated 
breaking up of existing code into smaller internal macros.  It feels 
kind of weird doing all this surgery on someone else's code outside of a 
collaborative context; I have to keep telling myself that Karl Ostmo 
checked all 4 of those little boxes on the submission page before he 
uploaded the module.

Caveat:  The standard Object Collection README file says that you may 
use images that you generate using these files without restriction.  As 
the Android robot is trademarked, this is obviously not true for this 
particular module.  Again, see the User Manual for the licensing details.

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