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From: Chris B
Subject: 2009 Q2 News
Date: 29 Jun 2009 10:03:24
Message: <4a48c9ac@news.povray.org>
See http://lib.povray.org/searchcollection/index2.php for the thumbnail view 
of the collection.
There's not a lot to report on this quarter, so I'll keep it brief ;-).

New Stuff
There is a new Rope macro to add different types of ropes, with knots, 
catenaries, coils, helicoils and stuff to your scene. See 

The new Tables macro can be used to add one of two types of little 
side-tables to your scene.  See 

Downloads for the year-so-far just topped 10,000. There are 59 separate 
downloads available, several of which contain multiple objects and/or macros 
to generate whole classes of objects. The files are all under a common 
CC-LGPL license that encourages royalty free use, modification and 
redistribution.  Because they mostly adhere to simple naming standards to 
prevent them from interfering with one another, you should be able to quite 
easily use them together in the same scene.

Monthly download statistics for this year are at 

Preparing stuff to go into the collection mainly just means following the 
naming standards described at 
http://lib.povray.org/usersguide/04contributing.html#prep. Self registration 
takes a few minutes. When you subsequently log on as a registered user you 
get access to the 'Contribute' button to enable you to submit an object, 
which typically also only takes a few minutes (once you've gotten used to 
it). The submission form is just a single screen and is hopefully fairly 
self-explanatory. Just in case, the form displays relevant hints at the top 
of the screen as you pass from field to field and each field is described in 
greater detail at 

It's worth noting that some of the simpler everyday objects on the 
collection are just as popular as the more complex downloads, so if you have 
some nice objects lying around in your scenes it's worth adding them to the 
collection for others to share.  It's also worth noting that the term 
'object' doesn't have to be taken too literally. There are also categories 
for macros, textures etc.

Chris B.

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