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From: Chris B
Subject: Call for Tables
Date: 12 Jun 2009 08:41:21
Message: <4a324cf1$1@news.povray.org>
I've uploaded a macro onto the object collection to add tables to a scene 

It only contains two quite simple tables at the moment, but I figure there 
must be lots of people who have done tables that could easily be added into 
this macro. The 'Tables' macro takes a single parameter, which is the name 
of the table, so:

  #include "tables.inc"
  Tables("Small Coffee Table")

adds the small coffee table to your scene at the origin and:

  object {Tables("Big Coffee Table") translate x*0.2}

... well I think you get the idea.

To add a new table definition into the 'Tables' macro in 'tables.inc' you 
can add a new #case clause and give your new table a new name.
Your new #case statement can either contain the new table definition or a 
call to a separate macro that returns a table object. You can use the 
texture macro that's there or add your own table textures.

If you wish you can upload a new version containing your additions, or you 
could post a code-snippet on povray.text.scene-files, containing a #case 
clause, any accompanying macros/texture definitions and a statement making 
it clear that you'd like it added into the collection and I'd be happy to 
consolidate, document and post an updated version of the macro onto the 
Object Collection. Names of everything need to be prefixed with "Tables_" 
(see existing definitions).

Chris B.

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