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From: Chris B
Subject: Recent Additions
Date: 4 Dec 2007 15:59:22
Message: <4755bfaa@news.povray.org>
Five recent additions to the object collection at http://lib.povray.org:

The FindSurface macro from Maggot searches for points distributed across the 
surface of an object that you pass as a parameter to the macro. It also 
includes a macro to add hairs at those points, enabling you to turn 
virtually any object into a hairy virtual object.

The HFArch include file from Sam helps you make decorative arches for use 
inside and out.

The CobbledStreetMacro from TdG is right up your street if you want a 
cobbled surface in your scene.

MeshLathe from Warp helps you create smoothed or angular mesh2 triangle 
objects from a spline.

The ScaleConvert macro from Charles C converts between many standard units 
of measure to help you incorporate objects designed to different scales into 
your scene.

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