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  Re: The Bright Star Catalogue  
From: Melody
Date: 16 Jan 2020 22:25:01
Message: <web.5e212815e3b4c4169da690110@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:
> "Melody" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> > POV
> > http://trueinnerbeing.x10host.com/planetarium45.zip
> Yes, that worked.
> I will fiddle with it as time allows.
> Very nice little site you have.   Lots of very interesting information.
> I need whatever vitamins you take   :D

Don't know if the last one posted. Version 3.63 or Mega POV for date.
That will not run. thought you just wanted the data. to run that you need maps.

but that link is not working yet. is there another place?
10 meg for the maps

3 sub dirs

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