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  Caption 1.1  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 7 May 2016 20:55:04
Message: <web.572e8df1dc7da9e987fca9f40@news.povray.org>
Recently, in another Object Collection module, I deprecated a global parameter
that should have been applied as needed to each object, i.e., a macro argument.
For this update, I introduce a global parameter.  Always a judgment call.

In Caption 1.0.1 and earlier, a caption with descenders and a caption without
descenders will not center on the same baseline.  A global parameter seemed
right in this case for maintaining consistency between macro calls.  Of course,
the same result can be achieved by passing the same value in every macro call,
but at what point does adding yet another argument make sticking to a principle
more unwieldy that it's worth?

In Caption version 1.1:
 - The top padding may differ from the bottom padding.
 - There is an option to pad around the font metrics rather than the
   text itself.
 - A texture may be obtained without being attached to an object.


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