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From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 26 Mar 2016 22:05:03
Message: <web.56f73efc5778effc1fbb76120@news.povray.org>
Some months after I uploaded TiltedTorus 2.0a, I looked back on one of its
features in horror.  In order to invoke the Sturmian root solver in
TiltedTorus_Lathe(), I used a global parameter, rather than a macro argument!
If I'd submitted this module as an assignment in one of my computer science
classes, I'd get 20 points deducted just for that.

That's quite a brain fart (though not nearly as bad as having totally unrelated
macro names and function formal parameters override local identifiers).

This is easily fixed, but it would do something that I've never done in an
Object Collection update (save AndroidRobot[1]): break older scenes.

Should I do it?  Older scenes could be quite easily updated, and I don't suppose
many such scenes even exist.  I created this module in response to a request in
p.general, and the OP ended up not using it anyway.

[1] AndroidRobot's initial incarnation was rather inflexible, and it didn't show
up in the default search anyway, so I figured the benefits to my changes would
outweigh any damage.

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