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  Rubik's Magic added to the object collection  
From: Maurizio Paolini
Date: 4 Sep 2014 06:30:01
Message: <web.54083e6c8d25eae8e85a6f2f0@news.povray.org>
I just added an include file (and some jpg files) to render some 3D
of the Rubik's Magic puzzle


The configuration is described using a string that encodes the relative
position of the tiles in the chain, the syntax is described in the include
file itself.

I will soon upload a new version that will fix a lower-case/upper-case
issue in the example provided (the upload process transformed all file-names
to lower-case).

Support for angles different from 90 degrees between tiles is not yet
present, but it could be a future addition; that would allow to create

Question: is there a way to upload an archive containing all the jpegs
instead of uploading the images one-by-one, which is quite inconvenient?


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