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  Contribution Questions  
From: Blue Herring
Date: 1 Feb 2008 08:35:01
Message: <web.47a31ef65144cb2ce5ce3790@news.povray.org>
  I was wondering if there was any guidance available on a couple points when
contributing to the object collection.  I've got a lot of things that I'd like
to potentially contribute.  However many of the include files I've created for
myself are interdependent.  I'm a big fan of modularity and reusability, so if
a piece of an object or macro can be generalized I'll usually split it out and
put it into a separate include file (generally organized by category).  So what
would be a suggested "best practice" for adapting these to the object
collection?  I don't think just bundling all the dependent files into a big
lump would be good, when they could easily each be their own submission.
However, the collection site makes it clear that prerequisites are undesirable,
so would it be best to duplicate the needed pieces of code for each object
submitted?  This would lead to much more redundancy, but perhaps that isn't the
end of the world.

  In a similar vein, is there a preference in groupings of objects vs single
objects?  For example I have (as I'm sure most POVers do) an include with a
number of basic shapes.  Would it be better to split out each shape into its
own include, or keep them together as a collection?

  Thanks for any input.

-The Mildly Infamous Blue Herring

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