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  Re: (First?) Contribution Drive: Office Supplies  
From: nemesis
Date: 21 Jan 2008 12:45:00
Message: <web.4794d9f421a87b7e773c9a3e0@news.povray.org>
Chambers <ben### [at] pacificwebguycom> wrote:
> OK, to try this out, I'll be collecting, for a period of one week,
> submissions for office supplies.

fine enough.  So it closes next monday?  oh, sunday...

> 1) Email me your submissions, rather than spamming the NG with binaries.

how about a standard title?  "Povray Object Collection:  office supplies"?

> 2) Try to use a macro parameter to define the size of your object.  If
> you cannot, then please use a variable named 'meter', and place the
> following at the beginning of your code:
> #ifndef(meter)
> #declare meter = 1.0;
> #end

hmm, how about abbrevs?  m is traditional for meter, cm for centimeter etc.  I'd
very much like to spell <1.2,.86,.2>*m rather than <1.2,.86,.2>*meter or
centimeter...  what about yankees and their weird measure units?

> 4) Try to make objects that would require more than a few minutes of
> mucking about in SDL to replicate.  The point is to have quality
> objects.  If you can't make a whole set of quality objects, just make
> one or two - that's why we're doing this as a group.

that sounds great!  I'm guessing you're expecting pure CSG, no meshes?

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