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  Re: Farmland  
From: Charles C
Date: 30 Oct 2007 11:10:01
Message: <web.472756dc1b09311d2869ae640@news.povray.org>
"Chris B" <nom### [at] nomailcom> wrote:
> "Charles C" <"nospam a nospam.com"> wrote in message
> news:4726c3e4@news.povray.org...
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> >
> > Charles C wrote:
> >> Who's going to write up some nice farmland for the collection?  :-)
> >
> >
> > Oh well, here's to wishing....  <cheers> ;-)
> > Charles
> Hi Charles,
> I very much liked your idea of a collaborative project to encourage
> contribution to the collection.
> I found the theme of 'farmland' quite problematic though because it doesn't
> conjure up any single coherent image in my mind. Different farmland
> locations and objects from around the world could be difficult to place
> together in a single scene without seeming out of place. Also, it occurred
> to me that with any big open space, it could be difficult to get lighting
> settings that show off every item to its best.
> If you're open to alternative ideas, then how about an environment where
> international items of very different origins could sit alongside each other
> and where each item could be lit to best show off it's features. Does anyone
> have anything we could use as a museum? Otherwise we could just build a
> simple sequence of differently sized interior spaces from a set of white
> boxes with CSG alcoves and niches and assign a theme to each room. Objects
> could then either be fixed on the walls, placed free-standing on the floor
> or mounted on podiums or in display cases. A basic level of room lighting
> could be established, but individual exhibits could also be spotlit. Labels
> and information plates to credit the object designer would also be in
> keeping.
> One exhibition could be 'farming', with a room full of farm tools and models
> of farm buildings. You could even have farmland scenes as pictures on the
> walls. I kinow it's not the same, but what d'you think?
> Regards,
> Chris B.

Hi Chris,
I'm all for your ideas and I'm open to anything.  I see a lot of outdoor
'elements' and objects without outdoor scenes and thought it might be nice to
have a pre-made testing ground. I didn't mean for it to be so much about
farming, as much as making a farm could be a default scene for what could be a
general purpose testing-ground for outdoor objects, vehicals, skys, clouds,
trees, grasses, rocks, sands, or other environmental elements.  A pre-made
outdoor scene which is itself a complete outdoor scene, but which is also made
to be very versitile and modifiable.

Anything farm related could be replaced and turned into a desert or a sunny
meadow or a battlefield by adding and removing and changing components.  Just
something that would be a high quality starting point for people who haven't
created outdoor scenes before and are interested in showing off some element of
of an outdoor scenes or outdoor object.


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