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  Re: RC3Metal 2.0  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 26 Feb 2022 10:39:10
Message: <621a499e@news.povray.org>
Op 2-2-2022 om 02:21 schreef Cousin Ricky:
> As I brought up in p.b.i, RC3Metal failed to take into account the
> diffuse finish in setting highlights.  This oversight has been corrected
> in version 2.0 of RC3Metal, but you may have to increase the Hilite
> argument to RC3M_Set_functions() or RC3M_Set_highlight() to get textures
> similar to those of previous versions.  For textures with a high
> Specularity argument, this change makes little or no difference.
> Another change is that the default highlighting has been made uniform
> across POV-Ray versions 3.5 to 3.8.  A side effect of this change is
> that parameter RC3M_Albedo is forced off, so if you want RC3Metal to use
> 'diffuse albedo', you need to set it *after* including rc3metal.inc.
> Nevertheless, I recommend using RC3M_Set_highlight() for brilliance
> coordination, rather than setting RC3M_Albedo.
> For those who want zero ambient on your metals, instructions are given
> for this.  RC3Metal has always had this capability, but it was not made
> explicit in the User Manual until now.
> https://github.com/CousinRicky/POV-RC3Metal/releases/tag/v2.0

Also, for this set, thank you very much indeed. I had not the 
opportunity earlier to work with this and just started today. I am 


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