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  Accessing Object Collection modules while the server is down  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 15 Aug 2021 15:21:49
Message: <6119694d$1@news.povray.org>
As a reminder, Le Forgeron has a mirror at:

However, there have been several updates to the Object Collection
between Le Forgeron's last GitHub refresh and the server crash earlier
this year.  Six of these were mine, and I have created a GitHub
repository with these.  This repository is at:


The Object Collection server created several administrative files that
are not included in the GitHub repos.  Since I list these files in my
user manuals, I have needed to update the user manuals accordingly.
Since one of these files was a README with information about using the
Object Collection and a brief note about the user's rights under the
LGPL, I have also added some of this information to the user manuals and
SDL header comments.  To avoid confusion over these minor edits, I
modified the version numbers, but there are no functional differences
from the latest POV server uploads.

The 6 updated modules are:
  AndroidRobot 5.0A
  CoffeeMug 2.0.1A
  RC3Metal 1.3A
  RoundEdge 2.0A
  ScaryCoronavirus 1.0B
  SphereSweep 2.1A

Due to my modules residing in multiple repositories even after the
Object Collection server is restored, I will be updating my remaining
user manuals in the same way over time.

Due to the 3.8 rollback, the latest version of BrightStar5, 1.1.1, will
not work properly with the beta versions of POV-Ray 3.8 if #version is
set to 3.8.  BrightStar5 1.1.2 will correct this and will be uploaded to
my repository shortly.  In the meantime, the previous version, 1.1,
works and is still available at Le Forgeron's GitHub repository.

Rafael also added a couple dozen contributions during this period.  His
repository is at:

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