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  Re: RoundEdge 2.0: unequal edge radii  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 30 Apr 2020 12:21:42
Message: <5eaafb16$1@news.povray.org>
On 2020-04-30 7:23 AM (-4), William F Pokorny wrote:
> Thanks for the update.

You're welcome.

> I've never gotten to where evaluate is part of my isosurface flow... How 
> much does the evaluate feature typically buy you?
> In my experiments 10-15% at most - and it's sometimes slower, but I've 
> also not stuck with using it. Am I'm missing bigger possible gains?

In my experience it helps with POV-Ray 3.6, but slows things down with 
POV-Ray 3.7--for the same isosurface function!  I once had a mind to ask 
the group about this anomaly, but I never got a round tuit (POVers 
charge a premium for those!), and I cannot find my records of the timing 
statistics.  I don't normally use it, but I believe Thomas de Groot uses 
it a great deal.

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