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  FranciscoMunoz and Unix  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 7 Mar 2015 17:35:24
Message: <54fb7d2c@news.povray.org>
The FranciscoMunoz SDL code makes references to mixed-case file names, 
but the file names, as downloaded, are all lowercase.  Therefore, the 
module will not work in Unix and similar operating systems such as 
GNU/Linux.  The following shell script will rename the necessary files 
so that the code will run unaltered in POV-Ray for Unix.  It was written 
for bash, but I believe it will work for any Bourne-compatible shell.

----------------[BEGIN CODE]----------------
mv fmunoz_android.inc FMunoz_Android.inc
mv fmunoz_babydino.inc FMunoz_BabyDino.inc
mv fmunoz_column.inc FMunoz_Column.inc
mv fmunoz_deskitems.inc FMunoz_DeskItems.inc
mv fmunoz_drinks.inc FMunoz_Drinks.inc
mv fmunoz_fruit.inc FMunoz_Fruit.inc
mv fmunoz_homid.inc FMunoz_Homid.inc
mv fmunoz_jarron.inc FMunoz_Jarron.inc
mv fmunoz_mano.inc FMunoz_Mano.inc
mv fmunoz_minimech.inc FMunoz_MiniMech.inc
mv fmunoz_minitank.inc FMunoz_MiniTank.inc
mv fmunoz_swords.inc FMunoz_Swords.inc
-----------------[END CODE]-----------------

In addition, FMunoz_DeskItems.inc refers to the Microsoft font file 
Arial.ttf.  On my system, that font name is all lowercase, so I modified 
my copy of FMunoz_DeskItems.inc accordingly.  YMMV.

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