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  Povray3.7 "pavement" pattern collection  
From: Lars R 
Date: 23 Dec 2013 06:21:12
Message: <52b81ca8@news.povray.org>
I discovered the new "pavement" pattern in Pov 3.7 and I like it. But
the documentation of it is very limited.

So I created a gallery of objects that show all possible pavements and
... found its rule, I think.

I think the documentation should contain an image showing all possible
pavements, in a rendered or in a schematic image.  Visual examples that
show how 'form', 'interior' and 'exterior' influenced the pattern are
still missing.

I'd also like to see a formula for the gradient within each tile.

What do you think?

				Lars R.

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Preview of image 'patt3.jpg'

Preview of image 'patt4-2nd.jpg'

Preview of image 'patt4-1st.jpg'

Preview of image 'patt6.jpg'

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