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  Re: Problems with Object Collection uploader  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 20 Jun 2013 07:22:45
Message: <51c2e605$1@news.povray.org>
Le 19/06/2013 23:51, Cousin Ricky nous fit lire :
> Le_Forgeron <jgr### [at] freefr> wrote:
>> From previous investigation, the uploading process stops as soon as one
>> filename is not conform: only lower case, no special characters.
> My filenames are all vanilla lowercase a-z, 0-9, underscore, and the occasional
> hyphen.  No hyphens in my latest attempt.

Good :-)
>> I did not find any limit of 20 in scripts, but may be it is more related
>> to the length-limit of the URL ? or something else.
>> I need to investigate.
> Such a limit would not make sense in the scripts.  Someone would have had to
> deliberately set the limit at least 2 years after the Object Collection was up
> and running; but some of Chris Bartlett's contributions have more than 20 files,
> so it wouldn't have made sense for /him/ to do it.

It seems that 20 is the default of php.
(well, not "seems", "is", at least for the current version on various
For the time being, that's the limiting factor.
If you have more than 20 files for a contribution, I would suggest that
you create the contribution (even if only 20 files get in) and then post
a message in this group with a pointer to the missing files so that I
add then manually afterwards.

> I don't know much about PHP, but an unintentional configuration change doesn't
> sound implausible, perhaps during an upgrade.
>> Is there a reason you need a colon ?
> This was my intended description for RoundEdge 1.3:
> ________________________________________________________________________________
> A set of macros and functions to facilitate modeling of rounded edges with CSG,
> isosurfaces, and blobs.
> In version 1.3:
>  - Some of the functions are given more intuitive names.
>  - Important notes are added to the documentation concerning sqrt() calls with
> the alternate isosurface blob function, and the demo scene is changed
> accordingly.
> ________________________________________________________________________________

The colon has been added in the description of 1.3 of rounded edges.
I do not have the power to allow the colon in the submission form :-/

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