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  Re: Problems with Object Collection uploader  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 19 Jun 2013 09:59:10
Message: <51c1b92e@news.povray.org>
Le 17/06/2013 11:16, Le_Forgeron nous fit lire :
> Le 16/06/2013 20:44, Cousin Ricky nous fit lire :
>> My past few times updating RoundEdge uploaded only 20 files each time.  The one
>> change on my end I could think of was that I had switched from Windows to Linux.
>>  At the first failure, the Web browser I used was either Opera or Konqueror, so
>> I then tried Chrome.  Same problem.  I then looked at my Linux configuration,
>> but couldn't find anything relevant, other than possibly a limitation of 1024
>> simultaneous open files (which certainly couldn't have been responsible for this
>> problem).
>> Last night, I tried an upload from Windows 7, something I was loathe to do, as I
>> find Windows 7 a stressful and infuriating experience.  Even worse, the upload
>> screen would not function properly in Chrome, so I had to resort to Internet
>> Explorer.  Same problem.
>> Here are my findings:
>>  - The 20 file upload limitation is independent of the Web Browser.
>>  - The 20 file upload limitation is independent of operating system.
>>  - This has not always been a problem.  Some contributions from 2009 or
>>    earlier (including version 1.0 of RoundEdge) have more than 20 files.
> From previous investigation, the uploading process stops as soon as one
> filename is not conform: only lower case, no special characters.
> The sad thing is that the check is performed only when sending the page,
> and the feedback in case of error is not that good (and already
> processed files are kept, IIRC).
> I did not find any limit of 20 in scripts, but may be it is more related
> to the length-limit of the URL ? or something else.
> I need to investigate.

Indeed, nothing in the code, but the default configuration of php on the

>>  - The file upload buttons ("Choose File") do not work in Chrome for
>>    Windows 7.  They work fine in Chrome for Linux.
>>  - Colons are not allowed in the description field!  Is there a reason
>>    for this?
> Colons are not alone on that (# & { | } [ ] < > / and \ are also not
> allowed). semi-colons are ok, as well as dot.
> I do not know the reason to not allow : in description, maybe due to
> protection against url-spamming, or avoiding pre-formatted text. or just
> no reason (anyway, only classical-7 bits ascii)
> Is there a reason you need a colon ?

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