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  Re: Problems with Object Collection uploader  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 17 Jun 2013 05:16:55
Message: <51bed407$1@news.povray.org>
Le 16/06/2013 20:44, Cousin Ricky nous fit lire :
> My past few times updating RoundEdge uploaded only 20 files each time.  The one
> change on my end I could think of was that I had switched from Windows to Linux.
>  At the first failure, the Web browser I used was either Opera or Konqueror, so
> I then tried Chrome.  Same problem.  I then looked at my Linux configuration,
> but couldn't find anything relevant, other than possibly a limitation of 1024
> simultaneous open files (which certainly couldn't have been responsible for this
> problem).
> Last night, I tried an upload from Windows 7, something I was loathe to do, as I
> find Windows 7 a stressful and infuriating experience.  Even worse, the upload
> screen would not function properly in Chrome, so I had to resort to Internet
> Explorer.  Same problem.
> Here are my findings:
>  - The 20 file upload limitation is independent of the Web Browser.
>  - The 20 file upload limitation is independent of operating system.
>  - This has not always been a problem.  Some contributions from 2009 or
>    earlier (including version 1.0 of RoundEdge) have more than 20 files.

From previous investigation, the uploading process stops as soon as one
filename is not conform: only lower case, no special characters.
The sad thing is that the check is performed only when sending the page,
and the feedback in case of error is not that good (and already
processed files are kept, IIRC).

I did not find any limit of 20 in scripts, but may be it is more related
to the length-limit of the URL ? or something else.
I need to investigate.

>  - The file upload buttons ("Choose File") do not work in Chrome for
>    Windows 7.  They work fine in Chrome for Linux.
>  - Colons are not allowed in the description field!  Is there a reason
>    for this?

Colons are not alone on that (# & { | } [ ] < > / and \ are also not
allowed). semi-colons are ok, as well as dot.
I do not know the reason to not allow : in description, maybe due to
protection against url-spamming, or avoiding pre-formatted text. or just
no reason (anyway, only classical-7 bits ascii)

Is there a reason you need a colon ?

> Unrelated:
>  - Checking the server for updates from the README file fails if the
>    contributor's username contains spaces.
> I hope someone can be found soon to take over administration of the Object
> Collection server, so that these problems can be addressed.

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