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  2009 Q3 News  
From: Chris B
Date: 29 Sep 2009 05:22:28
Message: <4ac1d1d4@news.povray.org>
The POV-Ray Object Collection is a place where you can freely store and 
retrieve objects, macros, textures etc. under a common, very open license.

Geocities Project
Geocities, a free web hosting service that has been about for many years, 
has announced that they're closing down on Oct 26th. This service has been 
quite popular with successive generations of POV-Ray users as a place to 
store their objects, macros, tutorials, galleries etc. There's currently an 
effort being organised through the povray.general newsgroup to try and 
preserve as much content of interest to the POV-Ray community as possible. 
Part of that effort is to harvest some of the models for this collection. If 
you're interested in helping in any way, please pick up the thread at 

New Stuff
Earlier this month Bill Pragnell added the 5 Platonic, 13 Archimedean and 13 
Catalan solids into the object collection. Each object can be rendered as a 
mesh2 or in a wireframe/skeletal form showing the edges and vertices. The 
include files also hold the coordinates of the vertices in an array, so that 
you can use that data procedurally, for example to position copies of an 
object at each vertex of your favourite shape. Each group is contained in 
its own include file. See:

In July Charles R provided a Bubble macro to add some randomly spaced 
streams of bubbles as you might get from a fizzy drink. See:

The new DisplayCase macros produce a range of glass cases intended to show 
off whatever you wish to exhibit. Using a single macro call you can produce 
"Spherical", "Oblong", "Cylindrical" or "Box" shaped cases, using dimensions 
and textures of your choice. The same macro enables you to place any of 
these cases on top of a "Pedestal", "Tree", "Wallmount", "RoundPillar" or 
"RectangularPillar" style mount. For illustrations of what it can do, see:

The PeriodicTable object is largely of academic interest, but could be handy 
if you're keen on Chemistry. It's quite easy to change colors, textures, 
font-style etc. for the various groups of elements. See:

The very latest additions are from Tim Atwood who has added his daffodil and 
pillars objects and pipemrg macro (previously hosted on a geocities site) to 
the collection.

Downloads for the year-so-far are just over 15,000. There are currently 68 
separate downloads available, many incorporating, or able to generate, lots 
of separate objects.

The monthly download league table is at:

Preparing stuff to go into the collection mainly just means following the 
naming standards described at 
http://lib.povray.org/usersguide/04contributing.html#prep. Self registration 
takes a few minutes. When you subsequently log on as a registered user you 
get access to the 'Contribute' button to enable you to submit an object. 
Contributing objects usually only takes a few minutes once you've gotten 
used to the form.

The submission form is just a single screen and is hopefully fairly 
self-explanatory. Just in case, relevant hints are displayed at the top of 
the screen as you pass from field to field and if you really get stuck, each 
field is described in greater detail at 

This newsgroup can be used for any questions related to contributing to the 
collection, support on using any of the files in the collection or for 
general discussions on the direction you'd like to see the collection take.

Chris B.

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