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  Re: 2009 Q1 News  
From: Chris B
Date: 1 Apr 2009 06:46:25
Message: <49d34601$1@news.povray.org>
"Chambers" <ben### [at] pacificwebguycom> wrote in message 
> Any word on when registration will be linked to the main POV site, and not 
> use a 6 digit ID?

Hi Ben,

Actually I don't know. That's a bit of code I didn't have much to do with. I 
was asked to use the code from the old POV Competition web site for 
registration. At that time (about 2 years ago) I think it was seen as the 
model for a future shared registration system, but that competition site was 
never resurrected and I don't think the main POV site ever moved over to 
that registration system. Since then the Wiki has come along and I don't 
recall which registration code that site uses.

Chris B.

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