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  Re: a parse error in Blockwall.inc  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 14 Jan 2009 04:00:07
Message: <496da997@news.povray.org>
"Chris B" <nom### [at] nomailcom> schreef in bericht 
> I've uploaded a fixed version 
> http://lib.povray.org/collection/blockwall/chrisb%201.1.1/blockwall.html.
> The problem occurred when creating a long wall with a small MatrixSpacing 
> setting. This brought the total number of units close to the number of 
> loops I'd used to work out the positions used for the bottom row of 
> blocks. From time to time a specific length would therefore cause it to 
> miss one of the positions and not set the appropriate array element. The 
> error resulted from subsequently attempting to use that element. The 
> likelihood of encountering the error increased with the wall length and 
> the inverse of the MatrixSpacing. The fixed version varies the number of 
> loops based on the number of units.

Excellent. Thank you indeed! I am glad to have been able to *falsify* your 
code, although that happened totally unexpected. :-)


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