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  Re: a parse error in Blockwall.inc  
From: Chris B
Date: 13 Jan 2009 16:44:13
Message: <496d0b2d$1@news.povray.org>
"Thomas de Groot" <tDOTdegroot@interDOTnlANOTHERDOTnet> wrote in message 
> When using the spline macro for a circular wall, I find that the diameter 
> value often gives a parse error. The message says: "Attempt to access 
> unitialized array element", and refers to line 1185 of blockwall.inc.

I've uploaded a fixed version 

The problem occurred when creating a long wall with a small MatrixSpacing 
setting. This brought the total number of units close to the number of loops 
I'd used to work out the positions used for the bottom row of blocks. From 
time to time a specific length would therefore cause it to miss one of the 
positions and not set the appropriate array element. The error resulted from 
subsequently attempting to use that element. The likelihood of encountering 
the error increased with the wall length and the inverse of the 
MatrixSpacing. The fixed version varies the number of loops based on the 
number of units.

Chris B.

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