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  Browser issues with Search page  
From: Chris B
Date: 21 Nov 2008 06:57:26
Message: <4926a226@news.povray.org>
I've updated the Search/Browse page 
http://lib.povray.org/searchcollection/index.php on the POV-Ray Object 
Collection to attempt to circumvent a Firefox issue. I've tested this fix 
with Firefox and IE 7.0.6001.1800 on Windows Vista and they seems 
to work ok. I'm hoping my fix doesn't cause problems on other platforms that 
I can't test on. If anyone gets a problem resulting from this, please post a 
response on this thread.

The original problem was that, with Firefox (the autoupdate from 
13th November 2008), pressing the Search/Browse button displayed a category 
box in the results panel but no actual results.

Techie stuff:
Firefox contains what seems to be an AJAX bug where, under certain 
conditions (with certain Plugins installed) the XMLHttpRequest object only 
ever returns a readystate of 3 (loading) and never goes to 4 (complete). The 
only page on the Object Collection that seemed to be affected was the main 
Search/Browse page which uses AJAX to display the search results.
The Thumbnails page was unaffected as it's a Javascript free page.

I've updated the page to work around the problem by processing all 
ReadyState 3 responses, which could theoretically cause flickering while 
loading the search results (but doesn't seem to on my machine).

Chris B.

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