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  2008 Q3 News  
From: Chris B
Date: 28 Sep 2008 10:38:35
Message: <48df96eb@news.povray.org>
The Object Collection at http://lib.povray.org has been going for 11 months 
and there are some excellent objects and macros being added each month. 
Monthly downloads seem to have levelled off.  The peak month was July with 
just over 3400 downloads.  At the time of writing we've had 2270 downloads 
so far this month with Blue Herring's new MakeRoom macro taking the lead and 
Nekar Xenos' updated Galaxy macro and Bill's meshrelief macro sharing second 

Recent Stuff
Nekar Xenos has uploaded NXPlanets which gives you a macro for building 
planets (reminds me of HHGTTG). He's also provided a rounded box shape for 
use in a blob statement.

SharkD has defined a set of sprites for 2D game design (called GameSprites) 
and has uploaded a set of 19 different objects grouped under the 
contribution name 'FranciscoMunoz' ranging from pieces of fruit to an APC 
and a dinosaur model and including a couple of swords and a clock for your 

Warp has contributed a nice wooden GardenChair.  Leroy has added the 
lrchairs macro for generating cheap indoor chairs. Did I already mention 
SwivelStool by Charles C which is a metal framed swivelling stool (with a 
black padded top)?

MultiObjectPattern by Blue Herring provides a macro to add ornate patterns 
around things like the classical clay urn and podium that he has used in his 
examples. His (already popular) MakeRoom macros give you a simple way to 
generate a backdrop for interior scenes. His TrainFaces file provides a 
range of rotund and expressive faces similar to those popularised by the 
Thomas the Tank Engine series and his ZChars contribution can be used to add 
special characters to a scene.

Cousin Ricky has uploaded 'RoundEdge' macros and functions to help round the 
edges of CSG, Isosurface and Blob objects. He's also made a very inviting 
mug of tea for everyone.

Updated Objects
Nekar Xenos has updated his popular Galaxy contribution to make it standards 
compliant and to add a bunch of parameters to give you more control over the 
galaxy you generate. I've uploaded a new version of the Scroll macro which 
now incorporates (amongst other things) a macro to add uv-mapped, full 
justified text to the scroll object.

Apologies (and feel free to chip in) if I missed anything.

Objects Wanted
If anyone has any objects suitable for halloween then now would be a good 
time to think about uploading them (ideas: candles, a skull, haunted house). 
There's a halloween Pumpkin macro there already if you're starting out on 
building your spooky scenes.

October and November would be a good time to upload Christmassy objects so 
that people have time to build them into their Xmas scenes.

Chris B.

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