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  Local variable scope  
From: Chris B
Date: 31 Aug 2008 08:47:36
Message: <48ba92e8$1@news.povray.org>
"Chris B" <nom### [at] nomailcom> wrote in message 
> "SharkD" <nomail@nomail> wrote in message 
> news:web.4873de0a2d11efca5d2e82c0@news.povray.org...
>> In order for an object to be compliant, can I simply change all the 
>> variables in
>> the include file to local scope? Or, must I also rename them all using 
>> the
>> object's abbreviation?
> I would say that it is preferable to use the unique prefix everywhere as 
> it makes it that little bit more robust in a wider range of circumstances.

Ricky has documented a condition (over on povray.general) that means we'll 
need to actually make this a requirement for contributions to the Object 
Collection. He's pointed out that if the person is already using a 
particular Macro name in their scene files or include files (Macro names are 
always global in scope) and uses an object from the collection containing a 
local variable with the same name, then they will get errors when they try 
to render it.

For future contributions to the Object Collection can everyone please 
therefore prefix all variable names (even for local variables) with the 
unique prefix by which their contribution is known (same as with global 
declarations). Over time we'll need to go through and retro-fit that into 
existing contributions.

Chris B.

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