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  Re: My first contribution troubres!  
From: Chris B
Date: 20 Aug 2008 16:52:05
Message: <48ac83f5$1@news.povray.org>
"Leroy Whetstone" <lrw### [at] joplincom> wrote in message 
news:48A### [at] joplincom...
> When trying to submit my first contribution, the file Browse button works 
> once then after a file is selected it disappears. And the file that was 
> chosen  doesn't appear on the screen.
>  I'm using Netscape 7.0.

I don't have Netscape installed, but I have Firefox which I think should be 
the same code base and I submitted stuff just a couple of hours ago.
Have you tried coming out of the browser, logging on again and trying the 
same thing again? It might also be worth trying to clear the cache before 
trying again on the remote off-chance that the Javascript file in your cache 
didn't come down correctly.

If it does the same thing consistently then it may take a little bit of 

The page uses Javascript when you hit the Browse button to hide that Browse 
button and create a new one so that you can submit an unconstrained number 
of files on the one form. It sounds like the Javascript is running 
(otherwise the button wouldn't dissappear). It must be running into problems 
before creating the new one. I don't think Netscape automatically displays 
Javascript errors, but it should have an option to view the error console 
(probably an option on the tools menu). To get a clean view of the problem 
you can 'clear' the panel, refresh the page and repeat the Browse operation. 
If that reveals a problem can you post what it says here.

Chris B.

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